Sunday, August 14, 2011

20 Weeks

I can't believe I'm halfway through my pregnancy! It's definitely going by fast now. I've been feeling great so hopefully the next twenty weeks will go the same.

Friday was the big appointment to determine the sex of the baby. Everyone thought it would be a boy. Everyone was wrong. So I guess I'll have a house full of girls. Sorry daddy :)

We waited until dinner to reveal the news. We went to Pearl's Saltwater Grille and I devoured 2 lbs. of crab legs :). We made a cake and Noah iced the middle pink so when we cut into the cake it would reveal the gender. It was a cute way to share the news.

Now I can start the shopping and start thinking about names. I love shopping for baby girls! As for names, I have always loved Lily. Ava and Lily. Cute right?

I'll have to write another post on our recent trip to California! We survived four plane rides with a toddler!

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone!

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