Monday, March 28, 2011

I Love Being a Mom

Ava was such a trip tonight. We were watching Foo Fighters performing on t.v. and she was sitting beside me drinking a bottle. She loves music and instantly started bouncing up and down. But then she took her bottle out of her mouth and starting "singing." It was more like a soft yelling but singing none the less. She's never done that before and it was just the cutest thing.

The minute she turned one it seems like Ava has really come out of her shell. She has always been a happy baby with a happy personality but it just seems like things are coming to her quicker. In this past weekend alone she has learned to shake her head "no" and understands what it means. We'll ask her "Do you not want this anymore?" and she''ll shake her head no. She likes to point and when we ask her where Paxx is she can point to him. It's amazing :)

She pulls Paxx's leash out of the closet and takes it to him because she knows that's what we do before we go on a walk. She has play cups that she'll sip out of and then smack her lips and say "ah" like it was refreshing. haha, so cute.

She has also been very loving. She kisses us and leans her head into us to show us love. It's the most adorable thing. Last night she was playing and kept stopping by to give us both some love.

I try to grasp the correct emotion I feel about being a mom and I still haven't found an accurate enough description.

She's my world. And I couldn't ask for anything more.

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