Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Friday was my dad's birthday. My little family and my sister's family went over to the house where my mom made a yummy dinner as usual. We just sat around and hung out. Good family time.

Saturday night Ava spent the night over at grandma's. My mom offered to watch Ava so Noah and I could spend some time together. We were kind of lost. We didn't know what to do besides go to dinner. So that is what we did and after we were done we still had no ideas so we headed home. We watched Silver Bullet (one of Noah's favorites and a movie I've never seen) and then went to bed. It was the first night since Ava was born that she didn't sleep with us. It felt strange and I thought I would wake up in the middle of the night and drive over there to get her. But it was so nice to have one night with a full 8 hour stretch of sleep.

I woke up early and headed over to my parents' house to pick Ava up. My mom said she was just an angel and only got up once in the night. What a good baby I have :) Not to brag or anything. Okay. so maybe brag a little.

And the biggest accomplishment of the weekend? Ava is taking a nap in her crib as I type this post! I'm so thrilled because she is starting not to fit in her bassinet anymore and we need to transition her in her own room soon.

Enjoy some pics we took this weekend:

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